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Sonick The Porcupine is a hedgehog who wishes to explore and discover the world that surounds him. With his friends, Fists and Miles, he will explore dream landscapes and dangerous places while trying to defeat Dr.Mike. The game is a SUPER EARLY release (Alpha/InDev 1), I know it sucks so that's why it's free. Game inspired by SEGA.


Sonick (Based in Sonic)

Fists (Based in Knucles)

Miles (Based in Tails)

Dr.Mike (Based in Dr.Eggman)


S for fullscreen mode

X for jumping in Sky Hill Zone

0 for quiting the game

R for restarting the game

It has original sounds from Sonic 1

And nice Techno from the 90s :)

Original Sonic 1 Sprites/Graphics

Enjoy :),

-Jesse Carter

Install instructions

Open SonicBump! (application) first, then select extract all and choose the directiory then, move Sonick Bump! (shorcut) to your desktop, open it and start to play :)


SonickBump!.zip 15 MB

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